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FDA Testing New Approaches for Review of Digital Health Device Applications

Alex Stoflet

On January 7, 2019, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced significant updates to the FDA’s pilot Software Pre-Certification Program, sometimes referred to more broadly as a Digital Health Pre-Certification Program (“Pre-Cert”). Pre-Cert was originally announced in 2017 as part of the FDA’s Digital Health Innovation Action Plan. The FDA envisions the program as a streamlined process...

HIMMS, Chronic Care Management, and the Top 5 Overlooked Items

Shira Hauschen

Harnessing existing digital health solutions to improve chronic care management was a prominent topic at HIMMS this year (amongst many others, including AI and cybersecurity, both of which we will cover in upcoming blog posts). While this is not a new topic, it was particularly “buzzy” this year due to the ever-increasing number of large...